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Watch what you wish for….

November 22, 2011

Posted By;

Bill M.

I belong to neither party and reserve my rights as a voter to exercise this right or just as well not be bothered to vote as I have done during certain election years.

As you may recall, in Julius Ceasar the protagonist tells his eventual assassin,

“The fault lies not in our stars, dear Brutus, but in ourselves.”  Similarly, the fault

lies not in our government, but, as always, in we who put them there.  Much of the

rancor in American society stems from the fact that we, by region and state and

precinct, put them there to do different things.  Witness yesterday’s failure of the

budget talks: everyone is screaming that they failed to do their jobs, whereas

in fact each did precisely what his or her constituents demanded.

Overall I see a general failure of the western democracies that has been predicted

for more than a generation.  The death knell of all free societies is sounded when

people come to understand that they can use the power of the ballot box to vote

themselves benefits.  This has destroyed the economies of Greece, Italy, Spain,

Portugal, and Ireland, placed several others on the ropes, and saddled the U.S. with

A 17-trillion-dollar debt.  None of this is sustainable on either side of the Atlantic.

We have become nations that pile debt upon debt in order to provide citizens with

what they demand today. 

Just by contrast, in 1979, the United States was laboring under a debt of 829.5 billion,

which at the time was viewed as dangerous and irresponsible.   That was over

16 trillion dollars ago and the debt ceiling has been raised 53 times since then.

None of this is happening because the senate or the house or any particular

administration is particularly reckless or corrupt.  It is happening because, in the

final analysis, more people want that avalanche of spending than do not.   We

get what most of us vote for, and most of us vote for benefits.  Neither party has

distinguished itself in preventing this.

The other sign of ruin is the income distribution curve.  Right now something like

1% of the population holds nearly 50% of the nation’s wealth.  That’s what has

brought out Occupy Wall Street.  Pointing out that they’re a bunch of dope-smoking

idiots is all well and good, but it doesn’t change that frightening curve.

We all congratulated ourselves on the fall of the Soviet Union and declared ourselves

the  winners of the Cold War.   Now I wonder if, when all is said and done, there

will be any winners….



  1. WHR permalink

    Such is the price we pay to be free and democratic. Like a friend of mine used to say..”People don’t know what they don’t know and the politicians are too sly to point it out”.

  2. Sophia permalink

    Very interesting point. I have never looked at it that way. Its easier to blame the government.

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